hello, world.

As a child I was inquisitive about the world around me, I loved to read, I loved to visit museums and go for nature hikes.  I would even purchase old textbooks second-hand and create lessons for myself on days I was home sick from school, but by the time I hit fifth grade I would say my excitement for learning within the classroom was largely lost.

I remember being frustrated hearing about how the “gifted” students were going on yet another field trip or working on hands-on projects while the rest of us had to stay behind in the classroom conducting our regular lessons.  I didn’t know it then, but I am a hands-on, kinaesthetic learner.

The maker movement is the answer for kids who for years have been left behind by traditional teaching methods.  Making should never completely replace traditional education, that style of learning works great for some students, but it can be used to enhance the classroom and bring all students up to speed on the lesson, enabling them to succeed.

This blog is meant to appeal to teachers, parents, and learners longing to jump into the wonderful world of making.  Throughout this blog we will share new technology, tutorials, and our personal experiences in teaching.  We can’t promise that it will always be easy, but it will be fun!

– Ms. Jess


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