Dare to Fail

Failure is such a scary word.  Long after my school days ended I would still occasionally wake up in the middle of the night after yet another test-taking nightmare.  You know the one, you’re back at school and find yourself faced with a test that you are unprepared for.  The anxiety, the fear, it’s all still there, then you wake up and remember that you’re the teacher now!

The way we are taught to respond to failure can have a real lasting impression on our lives.  Will we use failure to learn and grow?  Or will it become the boogeyman under our bed, haunting us and sometimes preventing us from even trying?

Remake Learning recently posted a great article on the importance of failure and the role Makerspaces can have in changing failure from a negative to a positive.  You can give it a read at Why Makerspaces Give Kids Space to Fail and Why That’s a Good Thing.


What do you think?

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