Animated Storytelling

During the second week of the spring hols we had a slightly older set of kids come to try their hand at stop-motion animation.  They were given more advanced prompts to get their creative juices flowing, for their first assignment they were instructed to create an animal made entirely out of shapes.  We ended up with all manner of creatures, from giraffes to turtles to even slugs and sentient plastic bags.  This helped the students to begin thinking about how they could create characters that moved in dynamic ways.

Planning out our stories and explaining them to others

Planning out our stories and explaining them to others

Their final project challenged them to create a story with a beginning, middle, and end without using words or text.  This required an extra step of planning, they needed to determine what their characters would look like, the setting of their animation, and the plot.

On the last day the students were asked about their experiences as first time animators.
ANIMATING“It’s hard if you make tiny bits and they get lost.” 

The group that created “The Giant and the Dollhouse” encountered this very issue when they misplaced one of the mouths for the doll character and had to use the wrong mouth, only to find the correct one hidden under a paper a short while later.

“Sometimes it’s hard getting the right shape for the paper.”

“I enjoyed making it (animation) and seeing what you’d done after making it (the finished video).”


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