Summer Robots

IMG_0585 In the hot days of January robots returned to Saint George’s Hall.  Young learners discovered how to make original robots using recycled materials and the Hummingbird Robotics Kit.

Motors were a huge hit as many of the kids wanted to make their robots move across the table.  There were no wheels in the recycled objects pile, so they had to get creative, attaching corks to the motors and sometimes placing them in unusual ways on their robots in order to create motion.

For the uninitiated, motors move 360° in a full circle, much like the ball joint in your shoulder.  Through programming you can control the speed and direction of the motion of your motor.  Servos are similar to motors, but they only move 180° degrees, much like your elbow.  The kids learned the functions of these and many other electrical inputs and outputs, such as LEDs, tri-colour LEDs, and light sensors.

IMG_0578Many of the robots went through multiple iterations as the students tested their creations and discovered what worked and what didn’t.  One robot that originally began as a clear, vibrating ball filled with LEDs eventually morphed into a roving milk bottle with a self-unscrewing lid!


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