Maker Party Wellington to Return

Maker Party Wellington Banner: 18 July, 2015 After a highly successful event in 2014 educational community programme MakerBox is proud to announce Maker Party Wellington will be returning to the Miramar & Maupuia Community Centre at 27 Chelsea Street on 18 July, from 12.00 pm – 3.30pm. The event is free and open to the public. Maker Party, an international initiative sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation, brings makers, mentors, and learners together to celebrate making and teaching by creating awesome things on and for the open web. Attendees of all ages can get hands-on with a wide-variety of activities hosted by science, technology, and arts organisations such as:

  • Discover how to share, remix, and publish legally on the web using Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand licences
  • Program robots to move, then have them battle it out in a sumo arena with NodeBots NZ
  • Manipulate images and sound, and images with sound, through Kellective and Slackermedia’s interactive multi-media booth
  • Light up ordinary paper to make it extraordinary using paper circuits with Fab Lab Christchurch

At this year’s Maker Party we will also be unveiling the framework for Mozilla Clubs, a new way for makers and mentors to get together regularly and make a difference. Mozilla Clubs can meet anywhere — a classroom, a library, a coffee shop, a living room. Members will teach and build the open Web together.

Jess Weichler, Coordinator of Maker Party Wellington says “Maker Party is a wonderful way for communities to come together hang out, and find their creative rhythm together. We want to bring people and technology together in ways that makes life more fun, more exciting, and better for everyone. And we want that to continue long after the party ends. We want it to be a lifestyle choice.”

Maker Party Wellington is part of a larger movement happening throughout the globe, we hope you will join us as we put New Zealand on the map.

Follow the event on Facebook for updates.


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