Designing Other Worlds

Students enroled in Game Design Adventures at CPAS had a blast designing and programming their own original games in Term 3.    For the first half of the term we explored game mechanics and the Scratch interface, then we spent the second half creating and coding original games.

When asked what they enjoyed most many students claimed it was the collaborative nature of working online as it allowed them to see other people’s projects and share their work.  Students discovered looking at what other users have already created on Scratch can help them make their games better.

Student created Scratch programme simulating gravity

defying gravity

All Scratch games are open source which means that anyone is free to use, look at, and share the code as long as they give credit to the original creator.   It’s a great way to learn how to code when you have a big idea, but aren’t sure how to achieve it.

Student creates a game controller

designing a game controller 

All the projects from this term are available in our classroom studio to play and share with friends and family.  If students wish to continue working on their games they can either download their projects to their home computer or fork their projects using their personal Scratch account.

Game Design Adventures at CPAS is now enroling for Term 4 at


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