Electric Art | Churton Park


Churton Park kids got into the holiday spirit as they made light up Christmas cards on Saturday.  We played with circuit blocks to understand the basic principles of electricity, such as how much power is needed to run LEDs and motors.  The kids discovered that a motor can spin with just 1 AA battery (1.5volts), but 2 AA batteries (3volts) makes it spin much faster.

They also learned about polarity.  LEDs must be attached so the longer, positive side of the LED is connected to the positive side of the power source, as the short, negative side is connected to the negative side of the power source.

Once the basics were mastered we began designing our cards.  Each student chose their own design and style, no two circuits were the same.  Some were hidden on the inside of the card, others were a part of the card design.  It was a struggle to add multiple LEDs to the circuit since everyone was still learning, so in the end some compromises had to be made.  One child wasn’t happy with his final design, but was excited to take it apart and create a new one at home now that he had the skills.

That’s what making is all about, making mistakes, making things better, and trying again until you are happy with your result.

Missed Electric Art | Churton Park?  We are hosting another workshop on 12 December in Miramar.  Register online at MakerBox.org.nz


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