Make the Impossible Possible

At MakerBox we strongly believe that kids should be able to create their own worlds and imagine a better future for us all.   After finding a lack of stop-motion animation software for Linux, the MakerBox team decided to do a little creating of our own.  After a summer of intense coding we are proud to unleash StopGo, open-source animation software for Linux and Windows.

StopGo enables animators to easily capture images and assemble them into a video.  We have purposefully kept the features light so budding animators can focus on creating compelling stories.  All you need to get started is a webcam and a computer.


StopGo features onion-skinning, instant playback, the ability to delete previous frames, and automatic save so you never lose your masterpiece again.

Perhaps the best feature of StopGo is it’s Open Source code.  StopGo is built using Python and VLC, anyone can contribute to the code on GitHub.  If there is a feature you’d like to see or a bug that needs fixed, let us know or do it yourself!

Not only do you have the freedom to make StopGo the animation software of your dreams, it also comes with zero cost.  We want everyone to be able to achieve their artistic vision without being bound by financial constraints.

Start animating today, download StopGo at











4 thoughts on “Make the Impossible Possible

    • Thanks, though it was really Seth who did most the clever bits. I just bossed him around and told him what it should look like.

      Please feel free to try it out in your animation classes.

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