Adventuring Forth

Living in this increasingly digital world we all benefit from programming every day, often without noticing.  Whether we are playing a video game or paying a bill with online banking, code is all around us.  Knowing how to code can allow a person to unleash their creativity as they create new worlds and imagine a better one for us all.


Creative controllers with bananas and the MaKey MaKey

Students in Game Design Adventures this term did just that by creating unique video games using Scratch, a visual programming language.   Programming incorporates many maths and logic concepts and our students learned heaps, from the real world application of variables, to placing objects using X&Y coordinates, and using operators such as less than and greater than.

Programming also requires quite a bit of creative problem solving.  Though are many ways to achieve the same result, there are other times when nothing seems to work.  Far more important than knowing the correct answer is knowing how to troubleshoot to find answers when you’re stuck.


Helping each other with tricky code

Mistakes will happen, it’s inevitable, but student’s learned to first take a deep breath and look over their work, then ask a friend for help.  By adding more minds to the problem, they could often figure out the answer together without adult intervention.  The final step is to ask the teacher for a hand.  There were some real stars in this course who would offer up advice when a classmate became stuck, carefully describing the steps as the person they were helping manipulated the code.  We are all teachers here.

But don’t just take my word for it, not only can you play the games created in class, you can also click “See Inside” on any of the projects to see the code that makes it work.   View all of our games at our Scratch studio.


If your child has ever taken Game Design Adventures, Intro to Video Game Programming, or is in Year 6 or Year 7 at Scots College they can enrol in Game Design: Level Up for Term 2.

We are also offering Girl Powered Programming, a new programming course that focuses on powerful female programmers as students learn coding basics with Scratch.


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