Leveling Up!

Game Design Adventures students Leveled Up this term with more coding, more interactivity, and more teamwork! Hunter was most surprised at how he could use web cameras to add an element of interactivity to his Scratch games.


Working together to de-bug code

Once they learned how to create interactive games and quiz games, use clones, and other cool skills students paired up to develop a series of games that used similar elements and artwork. This involved creating a background story for each group.

Pac Man

Giant Pac-Man takes over the city.
Luka’s Animation Intro
Ben’s Space Invaders vs Pac Man
Hunter’s Boss Battle

Spy Game

Shadow the evil agents are trying to take all the food away.  Shine has to stop them before it is too late!
Eva’s Code Breaker
Connor’s Dark Alley Donuts


Testing Processing code

Nearly everyone’s favourite part of the course was Processing, a text-based coding language based on the popular Java. The last two classes we programmed a drawing application that enables the user to colour with their mouse (or finger on a touch-screen) and save their artwork to a jpg.

They really enjoyed Processing because “it’s fun to work it out and not just let the teacher tell you (what to do).” On the first Processing session Luka figured out a variable for randomizing colours and explained it to the rest of the class.  When trying to replicate his instructions, Connor accidentally put random on the shape of his rectangle. When he tried to play his game he quickly realised that the the values he made random must control the x and y positions of the shape based upon the way they moved.  Though the application looks different skills and concepts learnt in Scratch transferred over to text-based coding.

We will be back in Term 4 with Recycled Robots, until then students who have not yet taken an introductory code class or want to brush up on their skills can enrol in Girl Powered Programming at Rata Studios.


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