Girl Power!

With the popularity of Game Design Adventures we decided to develop Girl Powered Programming, a girl-focused course that contains more artistic opportunities for character creation and a special focus on awesome female programmers.

The girls learned about video game programmers from the very first programmer in the 1800’s all the way up to present day.    Ada Lovelace really caught their attention, they loved that she was both a countess and a programmer.   One of these spotlights even spawned discussion about what makes a game a boy game vs a girl game.  At first everyone said girl games are pink and princesses, but the more they talked many of them said they didn’t actually like those things, but they did like some things that had been suggested for “boy” games (guns, motorbikes, and Star Wars were a few of their suggestions).    There was even talk about creating a game where you could play as a heroic knight saving a princess in distress or a heroic princess saving a knight in distress.   In the end, these clever young ladies decided maybe girly things are just anything a girl happens to like!



When asked what they liked most about the class the girls unanimously said they enjoyed making games and beta-testing other people’s games.   The creation of unique sprites and backgrounds was a huge draw for them as well.   Throughout the eight weeks they learned how to make sprites move, use variables to create scores, and how to place objects exactly where you want them using x,y coordinates.


I can’t wait to see what these ladies will dream up for us next!  In the meantime, all of their games are available to play and download online at our classroom’s Scratch Studio.



If you missed this instance of Girl Powered Programming never fear, we will be back in Term 3 at Rata Studios.


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