LEGO Creations

Wow, what a term!  I have watched these young ones grow immensely in just eight short weeks.   They have grown into amazing animators and learned life-skills that will hopefully follow them wherever they go.




A huge obstacle they over-came early on was learning how to problem solve in order to sort out disputes, the most popular of which was “But I wanted that LEGO piece!”  They quickly learned that they could work together and share pieces so everyone got what they wanted and no stories were compromised.


They also learned how to set up the animation stations and began to set up as soon as they arrived without any prompting from me. This requires putting everything in exactly the right place, opening up the correct programme, creating a new project file, and making sure the camera lines up correctly with their sets.  Older children sometimes have problems with this process, but these young animators accomplished the task with ease.




Seeing their customised mini-figures was by far the coolest part of the class and I think they enjoyed creating them as well.  We saw a wide range of characters from superheroes and scary grannies, to anthropomorphised farts.  Knowing how to customise mini-figures allows animators to create stories outside of anything anyone else could have ever imagined.



The kids also added a bit of trickery into their films.  By switching out LEGO heads they were able to create the illusion that their characters had emotions and were reacting to whatever drama was unfolding on screen.  This illusion was completed with the addition of sound effects placed at the exactly right moment.


This group clearly pushed the bounds of what is possible and let their imaginations flow, but don’t take my word for it:



One thought on “LEGO Creations

  1. wow! this looks awesome!
    I’m sad I missed it and will miss next week’s presentations as well!! ☹
    J xx

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