Powerful Programmers

In Girl Powered Programming girls and boys alike honed their programming skills as they learned about female programmers throughout the ages.

A big part of learning to code is using creative problem solving to figure out what’s gone wrong or what you need to do next.  Over eight weeks the students learned how to problem solve and even began helping their classmates with difficult coding challenges.

For their final game students put their creativity to the test by digitally drawing unique sprites and backgrounds.   For inspiration we looked at 8-bit art from classic games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario Brothers.   Art doesn’t have to be complex in order to be powerful!



Students were encouraged to make a list of tasks they wanted to complete by the end of each session.  Some weeks we focused on art, others on coding.  By session 7 there was still quite a lot to be done on our final games, no one felt like they were completely finished.  We still pushed forward with our play-testing, play-testing is when you let others play your game and provide constructive feedback on how it can be made better.  After the play-testing session everyone had a clear picture of what still needed to be done and how to achieve it.   By the end of the next class all the games were complete and ready to be shared with the world!

You can play all of the games created in Girl Powered Programming online at our classroom’s Scratch Studio.



Next term we are offering our popular Recycled Robots course at Rata Studios.  In Recycled Robots students will use engineering, art, and programming to turn yesterday’s trash into the robots of tomorrow.


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