Pixilated Animators

We had a small but dedicated group of eager animators in Mixed Media Animation at Rata Studios this term.  Over eight sessions they learned to make the impossible possible using various mediums and stop-motion animation.

During each session we looked at the work of animators that helped define the genre, from Will Vinton, Norman McLaren, and Terry Gilliam.  We also explored modern artists who have made their mark online, such as PES, BLU, and the comedic duo, Rhett & Link.  Anyone familiar with these animators can see how they influenced the work of the kids.

In the final weeks two students finished working on their final animations and were looking for work to do while their classmates finished their final animations.  I showed them how to import videos into iMovie and add title cards.  This is the first time a final animation video was edited by students!  They did an excellent job of it.

We ended the class by making a pixilation.  Pixilation is a style of animation in which real people are animated, not inanimate objects or drawings.  It takes a lot of patience, but the effects you can achieve are pretty cool.   Watch our pixilation to discover students who can teleport, disappear, and even fly!