LEGO Madness

Another term of LEGO Animation at Rata Studios has come to an end and boy was it a blast!   This wild term was filled with creative parodies, helpful classmates, and sparkly blood.

Students discovered they can use coloured paper and tape to alter LEGO mini-figures to look like any character they can imagine.  This technique opens up the possibilities for creativity and can be applied to LEGO bricks as well.


Because many LEGO sets feature well-known movie characters, we spent two sessions exploring the difference between parody and simply copying another person’s work.   The end result was a number of amusing animations that turned classic stories on their head, often with murderous conclusions!


Students imagine:  What if the step-sisters dislike Cinderella because she murdered their brother? 

Death was a running theme in many of the animations this term.  In one of our feedback sessions, “murder’ was cited as the top thing everyone did consistently well.   Other top skills included character creation, running up stairs, and camera movements.   Whereas many students felt they needed to work on making their animations slower by using smaller movements and taking more pictures.


As the course progressed, many students who were previously shy began coming out of their shells. It was wonderful to see them engaging with one another and sharing their ideas.  On multiple occasions, I saw students voluntarily trading characters and animation tips.  Sharing ideas is such an important (yet difficult) part of working in a creative environment, it was great to see it happening.



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