Morphing Madness

Awesome animators returned to Rata Studios this term for Clay Animation.  This time we looked at emotions, movement, character creation, and morphing.  Morphing was a clear winner with nearly all animations incorporating some morphing element, from sentient swords to flying poo.

We also watched a wide variety of animated shorts for inspiration.  The one short that captured everyone’s imagination was Fade by Josh Lopata.  Fade is a traditional stop-motion animation with wire puppets covered with latex.   The students were enraptured by the story and had many inquiries and thoughts about the filmmakers stylistic choices.  It was awesome to hear them comment on the animators use of size and space to illicit emotion.  They were really thinking about the film in a critical way.

Our final animations were set to music this time, before students even began planning their animations we listened to four songs.  As a class we discussed how each song made us feel and what type of animation might fit with the music.  From there students sketched their animations onto storyboards and began creating appropriate characters.  Emerson immediately had a vision for the fast-paced Ultra Polka and set to work creating a brightly coloured cat to dance around the screen.  Whereas Adam and Mattias set about making an epic battle movie using Killers as their soundtrack.  All songs used are available from and under Creative Commons license.

During the last session some students happily expressed though they liked LEGO animation, they liked using clay even better because it gave them the freedom to create anything they wanted.



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